The Fox Inn Beer Festival 2018

Keep checking in for all the latest information with regards to our 2nd Annual Beer Festival planning is going well, it will be bigger & better that our first festival last year. We have had a couple of festival meetings and can confirm the festival will take place on the following dates




A Lot of Hard Work  

We thought that we would put together a quick update on our 2nd Annual Beer Festival here at The Fox Inn for you all to be able share in the success of this event .

Even before we opened our doors on the Friday work was being carried out by a lot of our supporters and volunteers to level the carpark, we also worked on the garden having two distinct levels

While inside work was going on to open up a new part of the existing bar into the games room area, where all the real ales would  be on display.

All the real ales were delivered and prepared during the week running up to the beer festival.

The Street Food sellers were being booked well in advance, the bands and performers we started booking not long after last year’s festival .

The Weekend 

We could not have asked for better weather ( well perhaps we could have asked for it to be a bit cooler), the sky’s were a clear blue not a cloud to be seen, no breeze to keep it cool and the sun was full on for the whole weekend.

 The beers flowed, the music played and food was selling fast, we also this year had a Summer Garden Bar for all those who like to try something different, we had Pimms, Prosecco and numerous Gins along with various different tonics. 

The Bands and performers 

Over the weekend we supported a number of local artists in our music line up, our headline act was from a little further a field. Our line up consisted of local artists, Joshua Bisset, Rock Garden, Kenninghall Morris Dancers, Neil Durose, The Harvs, World Without End, 

our headliner was from Hertfordshire Missing The Ferry. 

Streetfood Sellers 

Once again we had some excellent food on offer from some of our regular street food vendors again  we are supporting local sellers from around the East Region.

Souvlaki Shack, Vettes Vegi Van, Pizza Tree, True Devil Wing UK, Hog Roast, Local Ice Cream & Chips ‘n’ Sauce


The Real Ales were all well received, with us showcasing around 40 Real Ales & ciders, once again we supported our local breweries from around Norfolk and Suffolk 

I am sure you will all be interested in knowing how we did over the whole weekend, we took just in access of £12,000 our outgoings for the weekend totalled £6,000 that gave us a profit for the weekend of £6,000. 

A lot of hard work but a great reward for all concerned and of course The Fox Inn.

Will we do it again? The answer is yes, we have already booked the date for next year.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 28th, 29th & 30th June 2019.


We are also holding a Cider Weekend later this year showcasing some great local Ciders, so make a note in your diaries. Friday, Saturday & Sunday 28th, 29th & 30th September 2018.



Here is our final update for our Beer Festival starting next Friday.

This is the updated list of Real Ales and Ciders along with tasting notes, there are a couple of gaps where breweries have not yet got back to me. I hope you enjoy.




The Fox Inn Beer Festival 2018     


Real Ales and Ciders Tasting Notes 

Norfolk Brewhouse 

1 Nelsons Orange 4.3% – A fruity amber ale infused with blood orange tea.

2 South Island IPA 5.0% – Think of a nice malty background from the Maris Otter then pile in heaps of Motueka and Dr Rudi hops to give lemon, lime and tropical fruit flavours and aromas.

Blimey Brewing

3 Firstborn 5.2% – IPA

Boudicca Brewing Company 

4 Andrastes Ale 4.7% – Amber Pale and Dry Hopped

5 Prestos Porter 5.2% – The beer is a Porter with dark fruit and hops on the nose and hints of roast malt and smoke. Full bodied in the mouth, smooth with a dry and very subtle smoky finish with fruit and hop notes skittering over the top of it.

Old Chimneys Brewery

6 Fighting Foxes 6.6% – IPA

7 Black Rat 4.4 % – Milk Stout – Roast Malt and coffee flavours with body and sweetness from added lactose.

8 Ragged Robin 3.5% Light Mild – Refreshing Pale Mild with subtle hints of toffee, fruit, vanilla and hops.

Elmtree Brewery

9 Burston  Cuckoo 3.8% – A glorious nasal feast of floral hops with a tantalising hint of citrus, rounding off into a refreshingly long dry finish. Wonderful with spicy food.

10 Nightlight Mild 5.7% – An old style mild, strong but carefully hopped to allow the malts to flourish. Liquorice hints balance the lasting nutty finish.

Wolf Brewery

11 Russian Wolf 4.2% – A Blonde, thirst quenching summer ale with a fruity finish. 

12 Battle of Britain 3.9% –  A British Best Bitter, copper in colour this ale has lots of bite. English hops Golding and challenger combine to make this a glorious full bodied brew.

A copper coloured British Ale.

13 Lavender Honey 3.8% – Honey bought from Norfolk is infused during the brewing process to give this light golden beer a delicate yet more-ish flavour. 

Grain Brewey 

14 Redwood 4.3% – A rich red ale, with a zesty, lingering hop character.

15 316 3.9% – Extra pale, dry, with a grapefruit hop aroma

Green Jack  Brewery

16  Trawlerboys Best Bitter 4.6% – is a full-bodied, copper coloured, premium bitter brewed with English whole cone hops, rich and malty with fruity hoppy hop flavours. The pump clip features the Lowestoft-built stern trawler (1978) the Boston Sea Stallion, launched by none other than Mrs Thatcher.

Humpty Dumpty Brewery 

17 Reedcutter  4.4% – A premium golden ale with English and American hop varieties giving a spicy bitterness and a fruity citrus finish.

18 Broadland Sunrise 4.2% – A crisp, orange-red ale brewed with additions of rye for a dry finish with citrus American hop notes.

St Peters Brewery 

19 Plum Porter 4.6% –  A dark, full flavoured beer produced with the addition of chocolate malt in the mash, alongside the careful blending of 3 choice English hops complimenting the natural plum flavour. Providing a distinctive fruity porter.

20 EPA 3.8% –  An English Pale Ale with a robust bitterness from using 100% Goldings hops at 4 stages of the brewing process. This results in a golden clean tasting and relatively dry beer. A great session beer.

Cliff Quay Brewery

21 Time & Tide 3.8% – Brewed with malted Wheat and Rye. This mid amber coloured ale has bags of zesty hops flavour from the blend of Goldings Target and cascade hops.

 22 Clipper 4.3% – A blonde ale, brewed with Slovenian Celina and American Brave and Cascade hops. A light fragrant citrus aroma, complimented with a malty yet crisp flavour. An ale/Lager hybrid. 

Earl Soham Brewery 

23 Branderstone Gold 4.5% – A burnished gold colour, full bodied with a great bitter tang. Made with Branderstone grown Maris otter barley and sibton grown pilot and sovereign hops.

24 Gannet Mild 3.3% – Dark can be slightly sweet. Brewed using pale malt, crystal malt, and black malt, pilot and sovereign hops 

Wild craft Brewery


25 Wild Towers 4.5% – Curious Pale Ale with Yarrow Flower.

26 Wild Summers 4.5% – Pale and Hoppy Pale Ale. 

Panther Brewery

27 Summer Daze 3.9% – A pale ale Extra pale ale, using the finest Maris Otter malt and generously hopped with Motueka, Mosaic and German hops for a fruity lime finish

Tipple Brewery

28 Red Head 4.2% – Packed full with hop flavours and a great malt balance makes this beer our best seller.  A great all round red/amber bitter.

Buffy Brewery 

29 Norwich Terrier 3.6%  – A strong sturdy body and a solid bite

30 Polly’s Folly 4.3% – A well balanced with definitive malty spine. Elderberry notes and a long dry bittersweet finish.

Woodfordes  Brewery  

31 West coast Wherry 4.3% – American Amarillo and Cascade Hops fuse to create fresh and zesty flavours and crisp oral aromas. It’s a sunshine session ale bringing new tastes to savour those golden summer or winter months that go too fast.

32 Norfolk Nog 4.6% – A Supreme Champion Beer of Britain! Our deep, ruby-red ale graces the senses with comforting splashes of warm hints. Inside, you’ll find a rich, chocolatey taste, tucked away with liquorice and treacle. All enveloped in a velvety blanket, for a smooth, unmistakable texture and finish.

Star Wing Brewery 

33 Stain Glass Blue 5.4% – A favourite of ours, this dark and distinct porter is as complex as it is delicious. With a notable bitterness, it can take a few sips to discern the well rounded profile of this full bodied, malty beer.

34 Gospel Oak 3.8% – A delectable session beer, made in line with the classic British style. This copper hued bitter is well balanced, with slight esters and biscuit undertones matching perfectly with the smooth bitterness and fruity aroma.

Golden Triangle Brewery

36.  TBA

37. TBA

Calvors Brewery

38 Smooth Hoperator 4.0% – as the name suggests an extremely smooth light Hopped pale ale , a blend of four quality malts delivers a well balanced body and a copper colour. An aroma of soft fruit and honey and balanced bitterness are provided by adding English hops at four different stages of the brewing.

39 Calvor Pale Ale 3.8% – A deep golden coloured hoppy pale ale.

Beeston  Brewery

40 Worth the Wait 4.2% – A taste packed golden beer, with a balance of hops to give a gentle bitterness & a refreshing citrus hint. Winner of Champion Beer at the 2007 Norwich Beer Festival! Also “Best selling beer of the festival” at the East Anglian beer festival in Bury St Edmunds.

41 On the Huh 5.0% – Champion Beer of Britain 2013 – Gold Champion in Strong Bitter Category.  This is an old style traditional strong bitter which is smooth, malty & full bodied. The name is a Norfolk colloquialism meaning a bit wonky or not quite straight. Objects may appear this way after a few pints! Voted Norfolk CAMRA Best Strong Bitter 2009



Crone’s Organic Cider 

42 User Friendly 6.2% – is probably our most popular traditional Norfolk cask cider, being a lighter, slightly sweeter version of the Original.

43 Rum Cask 7.5% –    is a mature dry cider that has been finished in casks that have previously held rum. Another one of the Crone’s award winning ciders and an excellent winter warmer.

Harleston Cider 

44 Cideroad (5.6% medium – dry) – so named as some apples have been picked from the sides of the road; our flagship cider that’s light, zingy and refreshing.

45 HedgeFund (5% sweet) –  a derivative of Cideroad.  A sweet, fruity cider with a green apple finish.

The Norfolk Cider Company 

46 Medium Norfolk Cider 7.0% –  made in the Norfolk tradition using desert and cooking apple varieties.

47 Sweet Norfolk Cider 7.0% – like a sweet white wine.


While sat here in the garden soaking up the sun ☀️ and having a bottle or 2 of some Australian drink, ( all that was in the fridge on my return from having the craic in Dublin, “ I can resist everything except temptation “ ).

I thought it would be a good idea to let you know a bit more about our 2nd Annual Beer Festival here at The Fox Inn, for those of us who remember last year’s event which was our first we have learnt by our mistakes and have worked to improve your enjoyment of this much anticipated Festival. “Expierence is simply the name we give our mistakes”.

we now have a much larger bar space to work from and as a result we aim to have different areas for you to get your drinks from.


we will have an area outside for you to purchase your Beer Festival Tokens for your Festival Real Ales  & Ciders  & also to purchase your Festival glass from, which will be a gazebo set up outside the front of the Fox, your tokens will be priced as follows

£11 for 6 tokens (1 token = 1/2 pint )

£ 21 for 12 tokens ( 1 token = 1/2 pint )

Fox Inn limited edition Festival Glasses £4 each / £2 refund on return.


All your Real Ales will be set up on the Games Room area which we are enlarging, where we will have a one way system in use to make your choices and visit flow much easier and quicker, you will exchange your purchased tokens for either  a 1/2 pint or 1 pint.


We will have our main bar sep up as usual where our normal Keg beers & Lagers will be, along with any shorts & soft drinks you may need, this will operate as normal with payment taken for any drinks served.


We will have an outside bar set up for all of you who may want to enjoy something slightly different set up under a gazebo in the garden will be our Summer Bar , which will be serving Pimms, Prosecco and of course Gin for which we will be having a Gin Menu for you to choose your perfect combination from, “ Life is to important to be taken seriously  “, this will operate as a normal bar with payment taken for any drinks served.



with only 4weeks to go till our 2nd Annual Beer Festival all systems are go,

The music is all sorted ✅

The food is all sorted ✅

The Real Ales & Ciders are all sorted ✅

Marquees, Seating all sorted ✅

We are also going to be running a Gin, Prosecco & Pimms Bar for those who may like to try something a bit more summery & different.

As we write this we are organising our volunteer roast for this event if you would like to support us by volunteering please do get in touch.

As you will have read by now we have been working hard in the carpark & garden areas, the carpark is all sorted ✅ the garden has all been levelled and seeded just waiting for it to green up some areas have chitted just need to keep watering in now so fingers crossed 🤞all will be ready in time ever the optimist I’m sure it will be.

Please see our attached flyer and share with as many people as you can we want this to be the best.


Happy Days Await 🦊


 Music has now been confirmed for the Weekend as follows, click on the links to find out more.


5.30 – 7.30 Open Mic 

Rock Garden



Kenninghall Morris Dancers 

Neil Durose

The Harvs

Missing The Ferry



Joshua  Bisset

World Without End 


  • Our friends from Alderwood Lodges have just informed us they have availability if you are thinking of coming up to our 2nd Annual Beer Festival here at the Fox Inn, they have one lodge available called Brambles from Saturday 30th June sleeping 4/5.


The Fox Inn Garboldisham 2nd Annual Beer Festival
Friday. June 29th 5.00pm – 10.00pm.
Saturday.June 30th 12.00pm – 22.00pm.
Sunday. July 1st 12.00pm – 5.00pm.


Our street food traders have also been confirmed as follows

Friday. True Devil Wings , Mobile chip ‘n’ Sauce van.

Saturday. Souvlaki Shack, Pull me Cheri, Pizza Tree, Mobile chip ‘n’ Sauce van.

sunday. Hog Roast, Mobile chip ‘n’ Sauce van.


we have been in touch with a number of our local brewery’s and some new ones & the real ales selection is coming a long great we have about 13 breweries that have confirmed, with approx 30 real ales so far in place.


Music plays an important part of our festival and we feel you will not be disappointed, we have been in contact with a number of local and not so local bands & artists and it is looking good, will confirm the final line up nearer the time but our headline band for the Saturday night are coming all the way from Luton. The sound of a forgotten, second generation. 3 Anderson brothers & Kev Cunningham. They make up Missing The Ferry

6 thoughts on “The Fox Inn Beer Festival 2018

    • eddiet999 says:

      Hi Steve,
      sorry for not getting back sooner but have been away. The cost of the 6 x 1/2 pint vouchers for £11 has risen from last year’s prices of £10.50 by 50p, this has taken into account the rise in the cost of all the Real Ales & ciders which are all priced according to there ABV, that we will be having at the festival also we have had factor in some of the delivery charges along with associated festival set up costs.
      When you are next in the Fox Inn please feel free to come along and discuss with us if you would like to know more.
      As you are aware any profits made from any of our events are all ploughed back in to the Fox Inn to help with renovations, restoration and any repairs, all who are involved with the running of the Fox Inn are all volunteers.


    • eddiet999 says:

      Hi there Andy, I am working on the list at the moment, a few more to add should have it completed and up over the weekend.


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