Royal Wedding & FA Cup Final fever here at The Fox Inn


With the Royal Wedding & FA Cup final all on the same day, We here at the Fox have made an huge effort to ensure our customers can watch both events, we have got ourselves a TV , new Ariel connected, Souvlaki Shack will be with us all day from 1pm – 8pm selling there wonderful food.

what we do

We’re passionate about our food.  We use only the very best ingredients such as Blythburgh pork and free-range chicken – and halloumi of course.   It’s Cypriot food after all!

Our meat is cooked slowly over charcoal on a Cypriot ‘foukou’ and served with salad, tomato and tzatziki in a warm, handcrafted pitta – yes, we actually make our own!

We’re nice people and we care about the planet as much as we care about your tummies so all our packaging is simple but compostable. 

Our  TV package will include the Royal Wedding from 11-30 till about 3pm followed by the FA Cup Final from about 5pm till 8pm.
Dont worry the TV will not be a regular feature it will then be put away till England reach the World Cup Final this year or another major event or achievement.

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