2 thoughts on “Work ongoing

  1. Stephen Lenane says:


    I really like your pub and often pop in if I am passing on a weekend. I was wondering if you intend to get a pool table at some point? The more reasons you give people to visit your pub the more they will do so. My partner and me and my 17 year old son often visit a pub on a weekend but my son prefers one with a pool table so he has something to do. Both Lopham pubs and the Cross Keys at Redgrave have a pool table. The Vine at Hopton has two!
    Pool tables attract younger people which pubs need if the are to survive long term so hopefully you will consider this.




    • eddiet999 says:

      Hi Steve, many thanks for talking the time to contact us, we are in the process of looking at doing up the Den area of the Fox (where we put up the TV), when this is complete we would be looking at putting in a pool table probably as part of a Pool league collaboration, along with a dart board, so this area would become a games room.
      We would like to get this done for Christmas time, but it is a matter of time, volunteers help along with costs, as we will have to replace & relay the existing flooring with new Norfolk pamments and then have it levelled, we have costed this and it will be around the £3k mark or just over. But yes we agree with you it will attract a younger crowd into the fox which is good for the future. Please keep in touch, all the best. Eddie


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