The Fox Clock Returns

After a journey of more than 12 years the the Tick Tock of the Fox clock will once again be heard in The Fox inn.

On Friday 28th February  at TW Gaze, Auctioneers auction rooms some of our supporters attended the antiques & interiors auction to bid for the 20th century dial clock that up until the Fox Inn closed in the early part of the 2000’s was a feature here in the Fox Inn, with a number of the regulars & residents recalling it with its unique clock face when it was hung up behind the bar, but unfortunately along with a number of other items from The Fox it mysteriously disappeared when the pub was closed.
The clock was reunited with the Fox Inn on Friday evening & a number of our customers & supporters were pleased to see it back in its rightful place.
The clock described by the auctioneers TW Gaze as follows, “An early 20th Century dial clock with scumbled case and re-painted dial ”Fox Inn Garboldisham”, fusee movement, key and pendulum”.
Is now in need of some repair & restoration before we can put it back up in its rightful place, if you know of anybody or would be able to help us with this please contact us via our social media channels.
If you also have any recollection or memories of this clock please let us here at the Fox inn know.

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