Buildings Update

February update 


Update on the renovations to the Den Floor.

Our on going renovations of The Den


 Over the past couple of weeks  groups of our dedicated volunteers came down to help out with the renovations of the floor in The Den, here are some posts from the work being carried out….

Thursday [30th jan]

here at the Fox  our volunteers continued there work in the Den, they then found a bit of time to enjoy some of our quality local #realales available in our winter beer celebrations which is on all weekend.

Tuesday & Wednesday [5th &6th Feb]

 On 2 evening this week the Fox was a busy place, with a number of our volunteers working on clearing the sub surface floor in the Den ready for the insulation to be laid next week. They then joined our social running group The Fox Trotters for a drink and a celebration birthday cake following the evening runs covering various distances from C25K, 5K, 8K & 10K+, we were celebrating two of our runners birthdays Emma & Becky, happy birthday from us all, & well done to all who ran & came along to help with the restoration work in the Den. 👏👏👍 A Community working together

Saturday [9th feb]

a group started to put down the concrete mix for the base of the floor.

When it has gone off some more insulation will be laid then some bedding sand and finally the new Pamments, ( did I mention that we are having a sponsorship for the new pamments for £5 per tile you can pick your tile, all the names will be added to a picture which will then be hung in the Den with all the names on, we will also hold a draw and the winning tile will receive a prize. If you are interested contact us and we will get back to you how to sponsor).

Some of the photos attached are showing some of the original fabric, brickwork & timbers of this lovely old building, if you can see from these photos any clues with regards to the style &  building techniques used let us know, we are always trying to get as much information about this old 17th Century coaching Inn ( formerly called “The Fox & Goose).

When all completed we are hoping to turn the Den in to a games room for our customers to enjoy, we are looking at putting up a dartboard getting in a pool table putting up the TV on a permanent fixing (which will only be on for special events & not all the time), any other suggestions will be looked at. 🦊



As we move into February we have just started to relay the following in our Den.

some of our volunteers busy doing some #Buildingworks ongoing from today for about a month, which means the Den will be closed off for the laying of a new floor, but don’t worry you can still enjoy all you expect from us here at 🦊, this will allow us to provide a games area (some ideas so far Dart Board, Poole Table, TV area etc), for our customers going forward which we hope will attract more customers. We have also upgraded one of our front doors with a ramp for better access, this along with a paint job to smarten it up, we are also in the process of tidying up the toilet area so as to freshen ( no pun intended) things up prior to us looking at some new toilet facilities for the future. Watch this space.
#streetfood #realales #roaringfires #greatatmoshere #communitypub #visitthefox



January update

well you will be glad to hear that all the work to our roof was completed just before our busy Christmas period.

when looking  at the repairs it’s now as good as new, see the photos below.

December Update

Work on the roof is getting on a treat with no major hiccups, plenty of rain about though, here are some more photos.


October update 
Just time to give you all an update as to the work we are having to carry out, as you can see from the photos we are having a large area of our roof removed so that the rafters & trusses along with the roof tiles can be looked at and strengthen & replaced where needed. This essential work is being carried out by local company Aspect Roofing Ltd , we have over the past 12 months been having some leaks coming through that existing roof area and following an examination it was found to be more serious that at first thought so this work had to brought forward on our building schedule and done as a matter of urgency, so as to stop any further leaks and damage being caused.

The work has been scheduled for about a 4 week period but as we all know with old buildings (we are, we believe 16th-17th century) until we start to uncover areas who knows what we may find, but fingers crossed 🤞 everything will be fine.

We can also see that some of our dedicated volunteers are carrying out some repairs to our chimney Brest to ensure we can keep our fires working through the up coming winter season and beyond well done to Peter Barnes for carrying out this work & to Paul Stewart for the photos.

This is our first weekend of trading with the renovations taking place and it is hoped that it will not impact on our trading, the only areas cordoned off is part of the garden area & the front area leading to the garden. Please be careful if you walk down the garden from our upper carpark. We will be open as usual during these works being carried out, we are now coming into our busy time with the run up to Christmas, we are having our usual Saturdays streetfood along with a couple of Saturday night is music nights  plus there is also our Sunday lunches this weekend and a couple of weekends in December. We have quite a lot planned for December along with a couple of special nights, but more about that later. We are sure you will all understand our situation with this work being carried out and continue to support us as you alway have been. Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Many Thanks from all off us here at The Fox Inn 🦊.

2 thoughts on “Buildings Update

  1. Buttercup says:

    Hello everyone!! We’re coming to stay nearby in November (God willing) and have earmarked The Fox as a likely refreshment purveyor. How are things coming along? It looks like you’ve had some major work to do already. Its a true testament of a good community. Hope to see some of you in November – take care, stay safe and well x x


    • eddiet999 says:

      Hi there Buttercup, many thanks for your kind comments, sorry we did not get back to you sooner but things have been a bit hectic organising the Fox to be able to reopen within the government guidelines on this Saturday. All of our work with the exception of any specialist requirements is being carried by a dedicated group of volunteers, the pub is looking really good now but there is still lots to do, in essence the Fox when finished will have Ben virtually rebuilt with a new roof & all the walls needing to be replaced which is bad enough but when it is a grade 2 listed building, well you can imagine.
      It will be good to see you here in November & have a chat we always make everybody welcome, thinking of that time all our open fires may well be on.
      Cheers for your comments, spread the word.
      Eddie 🦊


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